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how do I book a session? click on contact in the menu bar above. you can either fill out the form or call or email me. my phone number and email are both listed on that page.

what is your availability? my schedule is very flexible. email me if you have a date/time in mind. i generally suggest booking sessions with kids in the morning. i love working with late afternoon/evening sunlight, but children usually have the brightest smiles in the morning.

what is lifestyle photography? (from wikipedia) “lifestyle photography is photography re-creating real life situations in a controlled setting. lighting is generally bright, airy and quite natural looking.” think parents magazine. i try to capture you and your cute kids just being you, doing what you love to do… being together and having fun! no stuffy poses here.

where does my session take place? i am an on location photographer, meaning your session can happen just about anywhere in or around austin! your own backyard or a friend’s house, a favorite family park or austin locale, some place that just has a vibe that you like – these are all great choices. if you’d like your photographs to have a certain feel email or call me and we can figure out a great location together that will give you that look you’re going for. my suggestion with kids is to choose a location where your child will feel comfortable and have fun. (please note: locations such as zilker botanical gardens, laguna gloria and museums require scheduling a reservation and additional session fees paid to location owners).

how soon after the session will i be able to see my photos? a sneak peek will be available within 5-7 days if requested and your photos will all be online within 2 weeks.

can you photoshop out blemishes, boo boo’s, scars or wrinkles? can you retouch? definitely!  however, it’s much easier when possible to get it right in-camera. so be sure to wipe your child’s mouth, nose and corners of his eyes before our shoot begins. it is more time consuming to touch up each image in photoshop what would just take a few seconds before the shoot. additional charges may apply if extensive retouch/photoshop work is requested.

do you accept cash, checks and credit cards? yes, yes and yes.

what should I wear? i say wear what you love and what makes you feel great.  small patterns usually don’t photograph well.  other than that i love personality.  so dress sassy, dress up or dress casual.  accessories are great.  whatever makes you feel hottest.  ;-p  also keep in mind that the eye is drawn to the lightest part of a photograph, so if you don’t love it put something darker over it (for women that’s usually the upper arm… unless you’re a body builder chick).  also feel free to bring props or anything you think might be fun to have in a photograph.  we might use them, we might not, but i love the opportunity to be creative any chance i get.

can we change clothes? sure, but understand that clothing changes can wear down subjects, especially young children and men!

can I bring my mother/grandmother/aunt/friend to our session? sometimes having one good close friend or relative whom your children just adore come along for the session is a great idea. if aunt sarah always gets the brightest smiles bring her along to do her crazy monkey dance behind me. the more silliness the better!

what if someone gets sick? illnesses and emergencies arise. just contact me as soon as possible and we’ll reschedule.

what can i do with the cd of photos that i purchased? lucky you! getting digital negatives is a unique and very valuable thing. with your cd you are free to print and enlarge the photos from your session for your own personal use (including printing photos for family and friends).

can i share my photographs on facebook, myspace, etc? yes please! in fact, i strongly encourage it. if you re-post the images elsewhere, let me know!  it makes me happy:-)  and if you’d like to send me a link, i’d love to check it out! also if you have the option of posting a link back to my blog or website, please do so.

what can i NOT do with my photographs? you may not use or sell the images for profit, advertising or any other commercial use. (well it is possible. talk to me. we can probably work out a deal involving a small fee).

what about the pictures posted on your blog? you may right-click save photos from your own session only from my blog. however, photos saved from my blog must not be altered or cropped; you may not remove the watermarked logo, and you may not crop the photo down to a smaller size.  if you want to print a photo or two, please wait for your cd to arrive in the mail if you ordered one or you may purchase prints through me. the main reason for this is that these images are low-res, low-quality, small files which have been prepared for web viewing.  they make horrible prints!



any framing or display tips? try to find your frame first and then order your prints, that way you can avoid expensive custom framing. when it comes to photographs my theory is bigger is better! an 11×14 seems large when you’re holding it, but once you get it up on the wall it will seem much smaller. pictures of your beautiful family will have more impact if you treat them as the focal point that they deserve to be. so don’t be afraid to order a 16×20 or 24×36 even. on the right wall your photographs will make your room!  i also try to get some more artistic shots during your session. these look fabulous as large canvas art pieces. if you’re looking for a great way to share real live hold-them-in-your-hands photographs with friends ask me about a custom photo book. this has to be one of the greatest ways to view your session!

when is the best time to schedule maternity portraits? weeks 34-36 with a first baby; many women feel bigger earlier with subsequent pregnancies.

when is the best time to schedule newborn photographs? before the baby’s birth! my calendar is fairly flexible, but it is preferable if we can get a date on the calendar even if we have to reschedule. generally it is best to get photographs of your newborn within the first two weeks after his or her arrival.

you didn’t answer my question, lisa. that’s not a question. =) but seriously, if i didn’t answer your questions please contact me using the contact link above.

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